Favorites for self-care.

Todays post will be a little different since it won’t contain any products that I like and it will be more about things I need.

This week has been one of those weeks. A week where there were days when I didn’t feel like doing much. A week where I just didn’t have the energy for it. Now, I’ve always had days like this here and there, after a hard week at work, o after not getting enough sleep. So here we are. Time to take care of ourselves. For some of us thats not an easy task.

I started my self-care week by having my husband help with making dinner and some lunches. Now I know this might seem simple, but sometimes not having to think about making food allows me to read, take a shower, or even just catch up on my favorite show and regain mental space.

Another day, my husband took the kids to the park so I could have uninterrupted alone time. For me, that translates into loud music and deep cleaning. Yes, I am one of those that likes to clean when having a rough day. And this week I took my time to deep clean my kitchen. A lot of times just seeing my house clean gives me the sanity and clarity I need.

Last, but definitely not least and probably the hardest thing, I had to do this week was to be kind and patient with myself. It was hard to not put pressure on myself to do all the laundry that wasn’t getting done, or to clean the dishes that weren’t getting cleaned while I was taking time for myself. It’s hard for me to let these things go. Especially when I do get back to having the energy to do them I usually add more pressure on myself thinking, “I should’ve done those things!”. It’s a vicious circle, but we have to try to treat ourselves kindly. After all, we are still growing adults.

So just remember that it is okay to have a rough day, week, or month; we all have them. Let’s bounce back!

Hopefully you’ll share your favorite things for self-care!

These are a few of my favorite things!