Favorites to keep them entertained

It has been a year! We’ve had to adjust the way the kids were taught and how they got entertained! We live in a pretty small house, but we are lucky enough to have a decent backyard. This year that backyard had to become our park, our sports center, and on nice day it even became our movie theater.

My favorite thing we added to our backyard has been our trampoline. I came across a trampoline company called Springfree Trampoline. As the name says they are spring free – they use flexible rods – making it safer and, in my opinion, less terrifying! They are built to be all weather resistant. My kids even like to go jumping in the when it snows. We had a funny space in out back yard where we wanted to put the trampoline, it’s not quite circular. I was happy to discover that Springfree Trampoline had an oval shape that fit perfectly. We also bought the step ladder since we have a toddler that changes her mind about getting on or off the trampoline all the time. Later on, as an add on, we purchased the Sunshade accessory, to prevent the trampoline from getting too hot in the summers.

As fall approaches and extracurricular sports are still closed I had to find a new way to keep them exercising – gotta burn up that tween and toddler energy. I came across a soccer ball from Dribble Up. This is a smart soccer ball that helps with their technique, agility and is just plain fun! With Dribble Up, all you have to do is set up an account, and you can have up to 5 family member, this gives you access to a long list of drills. My kids have been loving it, its so fun and they feel like they’re getting away with something, and for me, they get to move and stay active. It has also been a great incentive before they get to play video games. My husband and I have also tried it a couple of times and have really enjoyed it. Its fun for the whole family!

These are a few of my favorite things!

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